My Second Blogiversary and #TBR20 with a Twist

Very insightful post, thought I’d share. Enjoy!

The Writes of Womxn

Today, The Writes of Woman is two years old. Like all anniversaries, it’s made me reflect on what’s gone well over the last two years and what I’d like to do next with the blog.

Before I get to that though, I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who’ve read, commented on and shared blog posts. The number of hits on the site quadrupled in 2014, which is huge, and I’m grateful to you all for taking the time to visit.

In 2014, I read 136 books, 97% of which were by women. It wasn’t my intention to only read books by women when I began the blog but they certainly dominated my reading last year!

When I began the blog, I wrote about my reasons for doing so. One of them was that every weekend the writer Linda Grant would tweet the number of…

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    1. So sorry this is so misleading, it is the 2nd of the writes for women blog which I re-blogged today. Thanks all the same 😊


    2. Let her know I said Congratulations. Thanks

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  1. badfish2 says:

    Have you read anything by Malcolm Gladwell? It’s nonfiction. But very readable, peppered with stories of real people. And interesting. I’d start with Outliers.

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    1. Wow, great minds think alike. I have his book on my shelf! 😀

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