Featured Blogger this week: Holly and David from Comparative Geeks


Please welcome Holly & David, the couple behind the “Comparativegeeks” blog. This is a first for me, as I get to interview not one but two very distinct bloggers whose personalities, creativity and choice of posts make this blog very unique. Comparativegeeks is to me the Gingerbread house of Geekdom where there is something for everyone.

Both Holly and David have kindly submitted to the usual Chouett grilling and you can learn about them and their wonderful blog below:

LaChouett: Your blog is the first husband and wife one I have come across. How did you come up with the idea and how do you manage to share the spotlight so that it is fair?

Holly: David and I both had ideas about doing blogs, but for different reasons. Part of the reason David wanted to start a blog is to be able to write more. I kind of wanted to start one because I felt like I had things that I wanted to say and so we decided we should start one together.

David: We decided a couple of things right from the start. One was a posting schedule that we felt like we could keep up with, which at first was 6 posts a week with a day off. That worked pretty well, although we have adjusted it more recently to four posts a week plus one “fun” post on Fridays. The complementary decision, then, was splitting those posts between us, to have equal chances at the home page. We have kept that up throughout.

LaChouett: Let’s assume there are infinite parallel universes that are only made out of TV series (ie: Star Trek, BSG, Game of Throne) and you have the opportunity to live forever in one but can only bring one thing. Which one do you choose and why, what do you bring?

Holly: I actually think I would go to the Star Trek universe. It is realizing that with the replicator you can basically create almost anything you can think of and with a holodeck you can temporarily step into any location. For the one thing that I could bring, my initial reaction is a towel, but I think in the end I think I would bring a photo album of my family.

David: I’ve written about this question before from a different angle here and I don’t know that I came up with a good answer. Also, Holly stole a pretty good answer with Star Trek… However, and maybe it’s from watching it again recently, but the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra would be a lot of fun. What to bring? The most useful thing to have there might be a White Lotus tile… but I’d have to get that there.

Can I bring Holly?

LaChouett: Of course you can bring Holly :).

LaChouett: Superman vs Batman!! Who’s the winner?

David & Holly: Batman!

Why? Because he’s Batman!

LaChouett: If you could create your own geekdom, what would be the theme?

David & Holly: We’ve found this one to be a hard question, because we just keep finding more and more of the geekdoms out there for the things that we love. Tumblr is a great place for that! One of our favourite memes lately has been the Civil War posts, showing Captain America and Iron Man on different sides of great divides – like PS4 versus X-Box. But we digress.

Some of the geekdoms we would like to see grow in the coming years are ones for some newer or ongoing series, which haven’t found their way into more than one medium so far. So books like The Kingkiller Chronicles, or Ready Player One, or Amulet. Also, we would list all of those as recommended reading! Starting those geekdoms now…

LaChouett: What is your favourite book of all time?

David: Dune. It’s powerful, and I read it at an impressionable age. At this point, I look at most philosophical and political questions through the philosophy in Dune.

Holly: I really do not have a favourite book of all time or a favourite in general. I have always had a hard time thinking of it because I have a lot of books that I love for different reasons and when I am reading them I will be so engrossed in that particular story.

“The Comparative Geeks” blog will feature on Chouett to the end of the week, and if it is your first time visiting, make sure to check out this page first.

Thank you Holly and David.



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  1. Another great interview! Holly and David are wonderful persons and talented bloggers. It’s a treat to read their answers and to see them featured here. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, LaChouett! Was a pleasure, if not the easiest of things to answer 😉

    Between when we got you these answers and now, the news has come out that Steven Spielberg has been brought on to direct the film adaptation of Ready Player One. Will this jump-start this geekdom? Or will it be a painful experience for all the existing fans? Time will tell! The initial impression from Wil Wheaton, who read me the audio book version, can be read here: http://wilwheaton.tumblr.com/post/114859224429/do-you-know-if-you-will-have-a-part-in-the-ready


    1. Oh Wow!!! I better get on Reading then!! That’s fantastic news!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It was a good book, as well as a good audio book. However, it’s chock-full of pop culture references (especially from the 80’s) and so the copyright issues of turning it into a movie… It will be interesting to see what they come up with! Hopefully something like Wreck-It Ralph.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Wreck-It Ralph and Ready Player One have a lot of similarities in terms of pop culture references being such a big part of the world. Ready Player One is largely set inside a video game world, so it makes sense 🙂 I would definitely recommend it!

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  3. Gene'O says:

    Awesome interview! Batman, obviously. But I never would have guessed Dune would be the David;’s answer to that question last question.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David reminded me that Dune is one book I have to have on my TBR


    2. Gene'O says:

      Totally worth the read. As the series goes on, I think the books get weaker, and haven’t read the very last one. But I love that series.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Robin Rivera says:

    I am so up for joining a Ready Player One geekdom. I can not stand the long wait for Cline’s next book! A fun interview!

    Liked by 1 person

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