My #WeekendCoffeeShare…An interesting week!

And how is everyone doing today?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had one of those weeks!


By the way, I haven’t decided yet, whether we’re having coffee at mine or at one of those “every street corner” green bannered coffee houses although I am not too keen on their alleged efforts of tax avoidance, so we might have to find an indie one. That’s if you don’t mind. One thing is certain, the indie coffee will probably be more drinkable than mine until I have mastered those barista skills that is.

This next line is to acknowledge the loss of two greats! David Bowie and Alan Rickman who will be terribly missed. At the same time, bringing things back into perspective, my blogger friend Ryan also lost his mother this week so…while we’re grieving for the celebs of our world, let’s also have a thought for the not so well known little guy.

Now let’s get back to my week!
Don’t get me wrong, it was not a bad one, work was ….well work is work, but at least I found this week particularly exciting, so that was a plus. Let’s hope it carries on! I was spent by day 4 so Friday in the office was weird. I was walking around completely deflated, pretty much like a used chewing-gum. There was no going out for drinks with friends after that day. Nope!

The plan was to head straight home…with a detour by the after school club to pick up my young one. Pizza and a glass of wine!! Not posh but a comfort no fuss dinner. Oh and my son had a watered down fruit juice if you’re wondering 😊.

On the fun side now, and yes I did have a little fun. I went to an author’s book launch on Thursday. You would think that in my “line of blogging”, I would attend quite a few of those events, but sadly no. I am after all, full time wife, full time mum, full time employee AND most importantly FULL TIME ME, so fun is a little scarce at times, but brilliant when had!

Did I make an extra effort to go to this book launch? Oh Yes! I had it planned since before Santa decided to show up with his round belly in his timeless red piece. I had to travel a bit, as London is definitely not a 5 mins drive, but you know what?! Seeing Liz de Jager with that big smile on her face was totally worth it!

Oh, I am the one on the right by the way! With my blogger friend Sally on the left.


Now, let’s recap!

We did work, fun and also acknowledged loss, so what about simple life pleasures?

You’d be surprised but I recently discovered one as recently as Monday actually, and I have to say, since then, its use has become a constant every evening in our household.

You see this?! That’s my reading corner.


Got it for Xmas, complete with a throw for those cold evenings, cushions and a must have stack of books. Well those “ME TIME” moments have been made sweeter by eventually turning on the fireplace that had remained unused for the last 2 years.
And if you’re wondering about the reading corner when not used for reading, let me reassure you that it is still quite multi-functional and that it has seen its fair share of popcorn on movie night already😁.

Now, if we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


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  1. Tanya says:

    Great post. Sounds like a mixed week. I love your chair. I would t have much to tell you as not left the house all week as not feeling great. Started dieting Tuesday as biggest I have ever been. How boring is that so no cake with my coffee thanks and make it a skinny latte xxx

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    1. Well Tanya, that’s a start. If you’re feeling great I can understand why you haven’t left the house. However, if you do fancy a bit of fresh air, just open the window and look out for 5 mins and let your thoughts wander.

      About the diet thing. I know what you mean, although I hate the word “diet” because there’s the word “die” in it 😊. I just think of it “eat well” for life. It will take longer to get where I want to be but it will be part of my routine.


  2. I will *always meet for coffee in an “indie” place over a “big box” spot 🙂 Thanks for sharing a cuppa with me!

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  3. Hi, I doenjoy these post as I learned about my friends. I envy our heading and wished I could draw. Going to a bood send off or book related events would a dream of mine. Now my health would prevent it. Your book corner should give many good times. It looks cozy.


  4. OMG your navy chair looks exactly like mine! Except we’ve banished ours to the plein-air basement. Your reading corner looks a treat.

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  5. roweeee says:

    Looks like you are quite a reader. I am struggling even to open the cover on the book I had to order only a week ago:Max Porter: “Grief is the thing with feathers”. I envy your cosy reading nook. Looks an inspiration xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your own little reading corner might help 😊

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    2. roweeee says:

      Yes, seeing yours gave me the same idea. Humph…where to stake my claim….

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    1. Thx for selecting my post 😀


  6. Margaretha says:

    Love your reading nook! Very inspiring…now I definitely need one too. Or maybe I need several…

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  7. Nancy says:

    I SO want my very own reading corner complete with the fireplace (and maybe some of that wine as well 😉)! Sounds like you have had a fun but busy week. Thanks for the coffee!

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  8. Diana says:

    What a week!

    I’ve been sadder than I thought I would be about Bowie and Rickman, especially Rickman. But I suppose that the way we connect with some celebrities is a logic-defying kind of thing anyway. There’s something about art and artistry that can’t quite be explained.

    Love that reading corner! I have one in our little office, but I’ve been neglecting it of late because the office contains All the Work. lol

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  9. Corina says:

    We should all have a reading corner. Yours looks comfy!

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