My #weekendcoffeeshare and “The Invasion of the Swallow Birds”

Hi everyone!! And how was your week?


If we were having coffee today, this is pretty much how our conversation would be going…in my head at least :).

First, I would drag you inside from the cold to the kitchen and our chat would go along those lines:”

Me:      So….fancy being my guinea pig today?!

You:     …ssuure!

Me:      So you know how I have been fine tuning my barista skills?!

You:     hhhmmm yeah!

Me:      Well let me make you a proper “café mocha”, you’re going to be well impressed!!

You:     Yeah about that …

Me:      Sit down and relax and let me make you a mocha Seattle style! Ok, here it goes:

3 doses of mocha syrup, mixed in a double espresso, steamed milked…I even have whipped cream!!! Add a sprinkle of cocoa powder and voila! “café mocha” à la Chouett.

Go on, try it!

You:     hhhuuhh, I was trying to tell you…I don’t drink coffee

Me: D’oh!


Now that you’re all settled in with a nice cup of tea, let me tell you about “The invasion of the swallows”. Until this morning, I had not realized how many cameo appearances that bird had made into my week. First was in the book I started reading a while back called “Under The Udala Trees” where it appeared to be flying over a war zone in Africa. Then I started reading “Anna And The Swallow Man” where the same bird appears in a time  in our history just when World War II is about to break out and then…don’t worry no more wars…this morning when I went to my son’s school assembly. There, we were introduced to “Sparkle the Swallow” on a journey to find his way back home to South Africa.

Coincidence?!!! I think not.

I am not about to go and try and catch one or tattoo one on my back but, should I ignore this strange multiple occurrence which happened in such a short period of time?! Nah…I think I will give it the attention that it deserves.

Not sure what it represents or whether it may play a part in my life in the near future, but I was really intrigued, so much so that I decided to look it up. Not extensively, just enough to see if it has some kind of a meaning.

A few themes come up quite a bit such as, the start or the end of a journey as well as, freedom and hope in some cultures. It is quite a beautiful bird actually.

Now, do I know if it means anything more to me since my findings?! Well, not really.

I definitely have no plan to embark on a long journey, physically at least.

That said something has sparked my interest since my one year blogging anniversary came up. I have been toying with the idea of enrolling on a creative writing course. I have not yet taken the plunge though.

The thing is, I have absolutely no aspiration of becoming a writer/ author, so I guess in the back of my mind I might just see it as a phase which will pass. I guess, we will see. Anyway, all this to tell you that if there was any kind of journey I wanted to take, that is would be it.

Looking back on the week now, I am really glad about my strange encounters with The Swallow, I got to learn something new and that’s a plus!

So, how many of you out there have come across signs that were just too big to ignore? And did you explore?


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  1. Last year I think it was the BBC that was doing some research in swallows and their murmerations. They’re a fascinating creature.

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  2. Thanks for the special drink. Swallows have been bothering me this week. I keep seeing birds that are flying in the air like swallows but they should not be here right now. My eyes won’t let be identified them anymore. Spring starts when the swallows return. Is it really only a year, I thought we took blooging 101 earlier. I did take it twice.

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    1. Yes, and it was so much fun! Hopefully they will have a follow up course 😊

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    2. I am thinking about taking it again. So many have tried to help me with pingbacks and I still don’t understand are seem to do them yet.

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    3. Oh I didn’t under them either but here how it works.

      Let’s say I write a post and include a link from one of your blog in my post. Once I publish my post you will receive a small alert (= pingback) notifying you that I have included one of your links in my new post. That’s all there is to it really.

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    4. Thanks I will try that a little later. I just tried sending a link to Class of January 2015. I don’t think it work

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    5. 😁 you can’t send a link. You have to create a new post in the class of and copy paste the link in the new post. Once

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    6. Thanks for the suggestions and I will try again. I take it you can only link to one party and if the party doesn’t approve it is not link.

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    7. I think that’s how it works. yes.

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    8. Thank you so much I did my first pingback. I did an oddball post and link it to hers. I thank you so much.

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  3. Solveig says:

    Happy weekend. Oh the swallows must be appearing for some reason. You’ll find out sooner or later I guess. I remember that once I learnt abut them at school I absolutely loved them and when my grandfather showed me that they were nesting under the roof I was more than excited.
    For developing your creative writing skills why not join in a prompt? I really like blog battle and recently started participating in Friday fiction with Donovan writes. They are not teaching you how to write but can help you find the writer inside you. 🙂

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    1. Ooh I like the idea! Is there a link where I can look it up?


    2. Solveig says:

      I am going to do a post this week 🙂 I’ll tweet the link to you 🙂

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    3. That would be great 😊! Thk you 😀

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  4. You can do a search for the symbolism attributed to the swallow, see if any of it pings with you. Maybe doing some stream of consciousness writing about them.

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