Pick the World – The Seychelles

  So today I decided to make a picture collage of my virtual visit to the Seychelles, I even found a very cool owl: How was your visit?

LaChouett : Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

Bonsoir Everyone!   I actually love when those moments happen… For a lot of us newbie bloggers it is sadly the end of #blogging101, however a new beginning where we are now able to venture out there in this vast bloggerverse with a shiny new toolkit full of blogging aspirations and ideas.   Today’s photo…

LaChouett: A moment in time – Daily Prompt

    When I saw today’s daily prompt, I already knew what I was going to use. And this is it. A picture on holiday, where we really took the time to just be. It was at the end of a very enjoyable active day. We just decided to stop for a minute and take…

LaChouett: Weekly Photo challenge – Serenity

  Every evening when I look out here’s what I see   Do I feel serene?… Oh Yes LaChouett   And here’s for the pingback https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/serenity/