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Okoye’s wig!
Yes, this is my clue, the one I was given to explore in my review post as part of the eight pieces. And outside of the multiple Black Panther movie references included in the novel who will have many fans like me gagging for more, it is a rather important clue. A clue linking sisters Becks and Silva more than they know.

But is there an actual Okoye wig throw you will ask, even metaphorically? Although Silva literally puts on the wig as part of her Okoye cosplay outfit for a party, it is Becks who does the wig throwing.

Confused?! Please bear with me.

Silva is daughter to Justin and Becks is daughter to Win, both are sisters in a recomposed family and while Becks still has a mother, Silva’s mother Marnie has sadly passed away and her grief is at the centre of the novel. She had promised to take good care of younger sister Becks (not that much younger to be fair) during their parents absence, but instead Silva has taken the opportunity to disappear right after Win and Justin flew off for their honeymoon to Japan. Becks has received no explanation not even a text from her sister to let her know where she is or even if she is safe. So, like any good sister would, Becks is just freaking out, until she decides to calm down and put on her detective hat on. She is left with her cat Azog, a fridge and cupboards full of food, thank God for food deliveries, but very little to go on as far as her sister’s disappearance is concerned, except for a box of things she discovered while forced to trespass on her sister’s space, the only pieces potentially providing a clue as to Silva’s whereabouts, and yes you guessed it, the wig was in the box! And whilst Silva puts it on to escape reality for a moment, it is only one amongst the many things she will do to try and reach her goal.

Out August 6th!

In the meantime, it will take more that Becks as Win’s daughter to put all the pieces together, hence the metaphorical Okoye wig throw! Becks has to shed some Win skin (not all of it though :)) and make some room for another part of herself she never thought she would need to know and necessary it seems if she is to ever find her sister, a part of herself that comes in the form of DNA-Dad. In the end, Becks will have to put together a few of her own pieces too.

If you have read any of Patrice’s YA mystery novels you will notice how they are just so different in topics and in form, and this one is no exception, her novels are like little surprises, you never know what you will get until you open your gift. In ‘Eight Pieces Of Silva’, both Becks and Silva are given centre stage and while Becks is doing all the heavy lifting, she has been chosen to fix everything after all, Silva’s voice is heard loud and clear through diary excerpts even though she’s disappeared.

This is definitely one to add to your collection!

…That’s all the clues I can give you. You will have to figure out the rest for yourself.

Thanking team @HachetteKids for providing me with an early copy of this title.


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