My Best Read in 2014 “The Hidden Ones” by Nancy Madore.

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hidden ones 2

This has to be one of my favorite reads this year and I have read about 40 very, very good books so far.
I know 2014 is not over yet but my next read would have to be a hell of a contender (no pun intended ;).

The Hidden Ones may not be the first novel by Nancy Madore but is the first one I read by this author.

I have seen a few reviews mentioning the saga to be on par with Dan Brown’s writings but I personally feel The Legacy of the Watchers is in a league of its own.

As a reader, I was taken to a world of Arabic folklore I knew and still know very little about.

The main character Nadia is recounting what she believes to be children’s story, the ones her mother was telling her as a child, not knowing the importance of the information she holds. Those stories will be the key to prevent the impending catastrophe on the world we know today.

I will give you this, those last few lines are not in anyway depicting an extraordinary plot…
However, the author is herself an expert storyteller and her love of ancient history bleeds through every single word.

I absolutely loved how Lilith was written. I could nearly feel sorry for her and understand her anger…until I remembered that she was one of the worst kind of evil.

This novel, is a fascinating work of fiction linking present times to 5000 years worth of very well researched history.
Who knows…it might just even be all real…




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  1. nmadore says:

    Thank you so much!!!


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