First Read4Review 2015: “Chronicles: The Library of Illumination” by Carol A. Pack

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I would like to thank @CarolPack for providing me with her novel via a Read4Review program and will provide an honest review in exchange.

I had to put my children’s books hat on for this piece and really consider the audience the author was targeting.

I was a little unsure about the rating, but to me it is more than an “OK” book for children so it definitely deserves a 4 stars.

This is not your typical young adult book heavily focused on teen love relationships but rather the story of two young individuals going on a very interesting adventure.

I have a couple criticisms however.

Although I really enjoyed the premise of the story centered around books coming to life, I felt that the point at which the realms were introduced made the story a little disjointed, it is as if it came out of no where.
However, the realms story line was a good way to take the story to the next level.

As an adult reading children’s book from time to time, this piece really kept me going. It was fast paced (…yes, even in a library :)) and also well written.

The world the author has created has a lot of potential for more stories.

Children in their early teens will probably enjoy it.




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  1. Ooohh what is this Read 4 Review?

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    1. There are a few R4R programs on a lot of popular reading websites such as Goodreads. Authors looking to increase their readership will provide an advanced copy of their work in exchange for and honest review. Most R4R clubs will have a few rules to adhere to to avoid for people who are just looking for free books and most reviews will have to be provided by a deadline.

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