LaChouett Blogging101: Say your name



Hello everyone!

So, this is Day 2 of Blogging101 and the second assignment is about the title given to blogs  and their taglines.

My blog is called “Chouett” and the tagline is “Book Review for Pleasure”!!

Before I forget!…My logo is called “LaChouett

Book Review for pleasure
Book Review for pleasure

and it was kindly designed by my good friend and Godfather to my son

Since I actually really like both title and tagline for my blog, luckily I will not need to come up with new ones for this assignment, however I am quite happy to share with you the little story behind it.

Initially, I had decided to call my blog “Chouette” which pretty much means owl in French (which I am by the way…French…not an owl :)).

I then settled on “Chouett”…well, because “Chouette” was taken, which looking back now is a good thing. I actually really like just “Chouett” there is a little something about this variation that really appeals to me.

There is also that little French phrase ” C’est chouette!” which means “this is great” in French which I think is a nice positive little saying.


Now, why did I choose an owl?

Something about the eyes and how big they are:

If only an owl had been in Little Red Riding Hood that would be my take on it :):

“LaChouett, what big eyes you have”…”The better to read with little one”

Lastly, the tagline “Book Review for pleasure” nicely conveys what my blog is about.

So voila! The story of how the title and tagline came to be.


Happy reading all







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  1. Simone says:

    Oh these are really nice blog title and tagline! I also live the owl you’ve chosen for the icon – owls are such great animals and I love all that they represent.

    Liked by 1 person

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