Book Review: BDB – “Lover Awakened” by J.R. Ward

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Time for another book review.

I read this a while back and remember thinking at the end of this installment that anything could happened.

I felt that this book was a turning point in the series and definitely looked forward to reading book 4…which I did.

Anyway, for now this is the review on book 3. Enjoy!


Absolutely loved this third book in the series. The Zsadist/Bella storyline is a beautiful one.
I was sad about the Tohr/Wellsie part and did not see it coming but this turn will take BDB in an interesting direction I am sure. The Zsadist/Tohr dynamic might be a little different.

I am also curious about Butch and what what Vishous gave him means…can’t wait to read more.

Simply a fantastic series.




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