LaChouett wonders…What is your “Love it but Hate it!” book?


This is a bit of a weird one for me…

Have you ever come across a book, a really good book that you had to put down and take a break from because, although brilliantly written, some of the scenes you read were so harrowing that you have to just walk away from the read for a little while?

Some of you may already know that I am currently reading “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini (click on pic for blurb).

For me, “The Kite Runner” is such a book. I am yet to finish it and I am wondering how I am going to approach its review when the time comes.


I feel so strange about this because I did not think anything could top “An Untamed State” by Roxane Gay which I recently read too and was also a great but harrowing piece and you can read my thoughts on it right here.

“The Kite Runner” is making me feel a somewhat different kind of discomfort.

So, what’s your “Love it but Hate it” read?



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  1. It has been several years since I read this book. I remember it as a very tense read, but look forward to a day when I decide to reread it.

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    1. I understand what you mean. It would be like looking like looking back on a story previously read but you might bet more out of it this time around.


  2. Yes, it is why I no longer read some authors. I also read Glen Coopers THE RESUSCITATION MAKER. I had plan to read the next book but while I loved the book I had a hard finishing it. It is a thriler and deserves to be better known.

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