LaChouett #ReblogWednesday



So, do you know what today is???
Yes, today is #ReblogWednesday!! Idea I was introduced to by dear fellow blogger


Featured Image -- 498What I like about this idea is the excitement that comes with sharing and finding out about other well liked posts.
I do not think there are any rules so I decided to come up with my own and encourage you all to come up with yours.
On today’s Chouett #ReblogWednesday I am choosing the number 3! I will be re-blogging 3 posts in total looking at my list of followers as well as my followings.
So here it goes:
1. Grady P Brown: He is my first follower but more importantly he is writing a sci-fi novel called Cyber Shadow + a spinoff. However I find absolutely fascinating is his Posts Diary (that’s what I call it), taking you through his thought process as a writer while creating stories and characters and you can read his post right here!

2. OM: aka An Opinionated Man (Harsh Reality): I call OM my personal welcoming committee on WP and love his daily dose of reality check. You either love him or hate him. Obviously I am a fan and you read him here:

3. Negression: Kalisha Buckhanon is a novelist that I just happen to be very intrigued by and I am looking forward to read her novel entitled “Upstate” since I do not know her writings at all. Would you like to discover her with me?


So people! What are you re-blogging and this beautiful but rainy #reblogwednesday (well at least in the UK that is :))?
Please let me know.




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