Featured blogger on Chouett this week: LaChouett meets AceDigest!!



Hello all,

I would like to welcome Dom, editor of Ace Digest as my “Featured Blogger of the week”

Dom has kindly taking accepted to take part in a Q&A session with Chouett sharing his inspiration behind this fantastic site. Enjoy the read!!


LaChouett: Why blogging? And how long have you been at it?

AceDigest: First of all, thanks for having me. I really appreciate it.

Blogging had been on my mind for a while before I decided to actually start my blog. I always loved analysing and critiquing different things, but never wanted to publicize those thoughts. I guess what encouraged me to actually start was a conversation I had with a friend of mine and co-founder of the website, a few months ago. We both read many blogs and realized that we too have something to offer readers. Blogging isn’t so much about informing people as it is about giving them your perspective on a certain topic. We figured we should give it a try.
As I mention in “Lights, Camera, Action”, I see blogging as a great way to connect with people. Acquiring knowledge through reading is a great way to learn, but gaining knowledge by connecting with another human being is far more interesting. Whether it be in person or through the internet, it’s always great to meet new people and learn from them.
I haven’t been blogging for long. I’m new to this (I just started in January). What I’ve learned is that blogging is a lot more than posting articles. Reading other blogs, commenting on various posts and engaging with different people needs to be done as well. That’s what makes it so much more rewarding. That’s what allowed me to meet you and have this Q&A :).

LaChouett: How did you come up with the name?

AceDigest: When I started my blog I knew exactly what I wanted to write about : personal development. As I say in my “About” page, my understanding of personal development is very broad. I see it as progression. It can be in any aspect of life.
I decided on Ace because it perfectly captures the essence of what the blog is about. To Ace something is to master it. To be an Ace is to be proficient, accomplished. That is what I strive to be and that is what I’d like my readers to aim for. I obviously don’t know everything though, Ace Digest is a consolidation of what has worked for me and others around me.


LaChouett: It seems that women are responding to your message although AceDigest was primarily aimed at men. How do you intend to explore this new avenue?

AceDigest: Being a man, I found it logical to begin by addressing men in my posts, as I can relate to that segment of the population a lot better. However, I’m pleased to see how women are responding to AceDigest. This encourages me to expand the scope of my content.
I plan on continuing down this path and finding likeminded women who want to help other women improve themselves. What I’ve noticed is that most business/career advice seems to target men a lot more than women. Reading the comments of many career developments posts, I’ve seen quite a few complaints from women about this. So many articles talk about becoming a better Gentleman, but there seems to be a lack of content addressed to women.



LaChouett: One word to sum you up?

AceDigest: I think it would have to be improvement, enhancement.

LaChouett: Let’s not forget I am a book reviewer so my last question for you is: What is your favourite read and why?

AceDigest: That’s a tough question. There are so many books I loved reading. However, if there is one that spoke to me on a deeper level than others it would be have to be “Mastery”, by Robert Green.
There is no user’s manual for life. Nor should there be. Life is very complex and we learn as we go. However, this book gave me so much more perspective on success/ mastery and has helped me a whole lot.
What I really loved is that it debunks so many myths related to success. For instance, we see that talent is overrated and that grit, hard work and diligence are far more important. We study forces of nature such as Einstein, Mozart and Benjamin Franklin and see that their success wasn’t exactly the product of magic.

Truly a great read!

Thank you Dom


“AceDigest” will feature on Chouett to the end of the week, feel free to visit!!”


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