Book Review: “Outlander” by Diane Gabaldon

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This is my first read from the Outlander saga and even though this is a 3 star for me, I will probably carry on with the series to find out how the characters have developed.
I do like the Jamie/Claire duo.

There are definitely elements about this novel I enjoyed more than others.

outlanderThe author should be commanded for attempting to keep the language original by including the Scottish element to it as much as possible. However, this inclusion made it difficult for me to keep up as I had to look up a lot of the words and this made the reading pace a lot slower. This is of course a matter of personal opinion.

Now, I have to point out a few scenes I found absolutely absurd amongst others, such as:


1) Jamie and Claire getting on with their marital duties in a forest, then killing a few soldiers attempting to rape Claire, and getting on with their marital duties right after that…Seriously?!!

2) Claire fighting a pack of wolves…This one was really out there!!
My favourite part now has to be the developing relationship between the two main protagonists and how they show tenacity throughout the novel and fight for their love.

Definitely one to read if you love historical fiction




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  1. I liked the first and then they kind of petered out.

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  2. Kate Sparkes says:

    My biggest problem with anything was honestly “Wait, she did what? WHEN’S THE LAST TIME HE HAD A BATH?! EEW!”

    I may have missed the point. 🙂

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