My first Author interview: LaChouett meets Angela Marsons


Hi Everyone,

As a book reviewer, there is nothing better than interviewing an author that you are a fan of and I am really excited to have had my first author Q&A with Angela Marsons, who wrote the spectacular debut thriller “Silent Scream”.  I would like to say a big thank you to Angela for indulging me as well as the good peeps at Bookouture, in particular Kim Nash who made this possible.

And without any further ado…


  • The story of Silent Scream is one that you wrote from the heart, did you have any idea that this piece would be IT?

None at all.  I had spent many years writing books with characters I thought would be likeable.  I set the books in locations I thought would be popular but that I didn’t really know all that well.  When I started writing Silent Scream I just wrote the story that was inside me.  I spoke for the character that was dying to be heard and from the area that I live.  Two chapters in and I just couldn’t stop.


  • How do you feel about how it resonated with so many readers, especially those who do not normally read crime novels?

I have been blown away by the response to Silent Scream.  I knew that Kim Stone would be a contentious character and I knew that some people would not warm to her manner but I had to stick with it.  The world is full of people who are less than perfect and lacking in social skills yet still passionate and driven.  I have had some incredible messages that have moved me to tears.  I had one particular message from a gentleman in his sixties who spent his childhood in the care system.  That he had been inspired by the character I’d created was the most wonderful compliment I could ever have received.


  • How much research in crime forensics did you put in, and is it now a little hobby of yours?

Ooh yes.  I spent a lot of time reading articles and books on Forensics.  I love to learn and for Silent Scream I learned about Archaeology, Osteoarchaeology and Motorcycle Restoration.  So I’m useful for digging a hole, aging your bones and popping a spark plug on your motorbike.  Now who doesn’t want me at parties?


  • With all that you know now about writing, and if you could go back to the beginning of your journey, is there anything you would do differently and why?

There is very little I would change about the journey.  It’s taken 20 years to get here but I think everything happens for a reason and every one of those years has taught me something.  I think the only thing I would tell myself with the hindsight of those years is to write what’s in your heart.  I spent way too much time trying to write to the market instead of what was true to myself.


  • You have shared with us your favourite crime novels so can you tell us of a favourite of yours from a different genre?

The ‘Flowers In The Attic’ series by Virginia Andrews had me captivated many years ago.  I bought all four books and read them non stop for about five days until I’d finished the lot.

Also loved the book Disclosure by Michael Crichton.  Initially about sexual harassment in the workplace it developed into so much more.

I adore anything by Sidney Sheldon…should I stop now??


  • Let’s say you have now conquered the world of crime, where would you like to go next with your writing, if leaving this world is even possible?

Because I’ve only just discovered crime I think I will be here some time.  There are so many cases buzzing around my head for Kim Stone to get her teeth into.  I think it might take a while to quieten her down.  I’m sure you can imagine having her in your head the whole time.  Ultimately I just want to write books that people enjoy.


  • Can you tell us “10 things” we don’t know about Angela Marsons?
  1. I rode a 49cc moped for 20 years as I was scared of gears. Eventually learned to drive an automatic.
  2. I am terrified of all stingy insects, oh, and moths.
  3. Karin Slaughter followed me on my old twitter account. I’m sure it was a mistake but I took a photo anyway!
  4. In my old job I did have to deal with an actual stabbing.
  5. One of my best Christmas presents was a box of 167 packets of crisps.
  6. I am owned by a beautiful, bouncy cream Labrador.
  7. Once spent 36 hours on a coach to get to Rimini because I’m scared of flying (and heights).
  8. I secretly love the film Frozen and watch it almost weekly.
  9. For my 30th birthday my partner arranged a hot air balloon ride. See number 7 above.
  10. Used to have 13 animals in a one bedroom flat.


  • Lastly, what is your biggest inspiration in life?

Without doubt my partner, Julie.  We have been together for 30 years during which she has faced countless surgeries and physical challenges. Never once has she allowed herself to give up on life or getting the most out of everything.  Her spirit is constantly optimistic and I learn from her every day.


Thank you so much Angela for giving us a little insight in who you are.





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