YaShot Tour stop!!! with The True Trilogy by Gary Meehan


Hello everyone!

I chose an author!!!!

Ok, now you’re thinking what’s this all about?

I chose Gary Meehan!!!!

Still don’t get it right?! Well, let me explain.

I decided to contribute to the YaShot event run by @alexiacasale designed to promote YA reading in partnerships with Hillingdon Libraries. There are a lot of authors taking part so the world of YA reading is vast and there is a lot to choose from.

Since reading and blogging is what I do, I told myself, why not run a feature on one of the participating authors and that will be my contribution!! And as a bonus, I also get to introduce Gary, read all his books!!!! And interview him. Come on now, what’s not to like?!!

So, without any further ado, let me introduce you to Gary’s #truetrilogy starting with Book1 “True Fire”. Here, we meet  16 year old Megan who is about to announce a life changing event to her family, however her world is turned upside down before she has the chance to do so. She is now faced with a new reality, deception, war find herself at the centre of it.

And now comes Book2 “True Dark” and remember just like you I am yet to read it so I know as much
as you!!!  And in this instalment where war is still raging!! Megan is fighting to protect what is most precious to her and has to face a new truth that deception is much closer to home than she thought and what she tries her hardest to protect is the key to the enemy’s demise or victory.

I would love for all of you to discover the #truetrilogy with me so from September 1st, I will be doing a readathon for Book 1 and 2 (#truefire #truedark) with reviews and upcoming interviews with Gary and all this just in time to discover Book 3 “True Power” out on October 1st!!!

Don’t forget to tune in for updates on Twitter @chouettblog or right here on CHOUETT.

Now who’s with me?!!



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