Book Review: “Meet At The Ark At Eight” by Ulrich Hub

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Since I have been on this reading journey, I have been wanting to share my love of reading with my son. He has now taking a real liking in reading books that are not just the school books he’s given in class.

So when this read came along, it was a nice opportunity for us to read it together. Needless to say that he enjoyed it immensely.

meetark“Meet at The Ark at Eight!” is the lovely retelling of one of the most famous biblical myth ever told: The Story Of The Great Flood.

As far as children books go, it’s a very good approach to answer one of the greatest questions we’ve been asking for centuries. Is there a God?

Well, let me tell you right away that the answer to this question is not in this book J.

What you will find however, is a way to introduce the concept of faith and the belief in something much bigger than oneself, powerful, unseen and everywhere.

As a parent, I wish I had come across this book earlier as questions on faith coming from children can be very difficult to answer.

This story which explores the good and bad side of humanity is told via the voice of 3 penguins and an overworked dove in a language that will talk to young children, it is also accompanied by the lovely illustrations giving an added dimension to the words.

It also goes beyond the original story by also introducing forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance of differences.

Outside the obvious religious element, it is a great story for kids and I would highly recommend it.



Thanking teams Pushkin Press and ED PR for providing me with a with a copy of this title.


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