Book Review: “Catlantis” by Anna Starobinets

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This turned out to be quite an “Ameowzing” story!

And if you’ve ever wondered about how our lovely cats view the world around us, well, here’s a possible option.

Catlantis by Anna Starobinets is a wonderful little tale. A different take on the mysterious disappearance of Atlantis where cats reigned supreme, as well as a great way to introduce the world of myths to children.

Everyone please meet, Baguette!!! One of the last descendants of Pussiedon ruler of now long lost Catlantis. Our friend here Baguette is your typical cat, he loves watching birds outside of the window, eat, sleep and occasionally writes love letters to the lovely Purriana.

catlantispicBaguette cannot wait any longer, he has to marry Purriana!!! However to win her heart, he will have to go on a perilous journey in the past to retrieve a lost item, sacred and integral to the future of the entire cat species.

Cat lovers out there, adults and children alike will absolutely love this. The concept of cats functioning as a well-structured society, governed by a high council with rules to abide by and humans to do their bidding…which we do by the way, because they are so fluffy and cute, how could we resist them?!

The tale is also very well illustrated with simple but effective black and white designs complementing the piece perfectly.

A Russian to English translation which was definitely not lost on me.

I am happy to recommend it to all!



Thanking team @PushkinPress for providing me with a copy of this title.


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