Book Review: God Help The Child by “Toni Morrison”

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This was my first Toni Morrison read so I really did not know what to expect. And I almost feel that maybe I should have read one of the titles she is most famous to start with.

However, as Toni Morrison tasters go, that was a pretty good one.

I found amazing how the author flipped, what was seen by the mother of main character as ugly, the most beautiful

asset that a black woman like Bride godhelpthechildpiccould have, her ebony skin colour.

Bride’s mother, decided that her daughter was just too black to love, and this left a growing Bride starved for affection, ready to do anything to get some motherly love and in turn not being able to express love herself as not having known it.

Judging someone by their skin’s colour is repugnant enough as it is, but when it has been inflicted by the person who brought you into this world, the scarring goes far deeper, and Bride will have to pretty much hit rock bottom to come out on the other side.


There are many layers to this novel and one aspect that I found really interesting was that Bride never saw who she really was.

Her mother saw her as too black. Her designer friend, saw her as a great beauty, and “her man” only saw what he liked in her when it suited him. She basically became what others judged her to be never seeing her true self…So when none of them were around, she just could not see.

And that’s my take on it!




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  1. stylexide says:

    Great Review. I going to have to look for this book now.=]

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