LaChouett and the “What Makes Us Human?” challenge question.

Blogger pal Andrew from  has been attempted to answer the very challenging question “What Makes Us Human? Since there is strength in numbers it was only logical to extend the invitation to answer the said question to others that might have a few thoughts on the subject.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know the answer, and I am not sure it can be contained in a few words.  So I decided to ask an outsider’s viewpoint and here’s the gist of a conversation that I have called “The Alien Persperctive”.


The alien perspective

Lila’nah: Father!

Derckha’nah: Lila’nah!! Please tell me you have not initiated contact with the 3rd Orb?!!

Lila’nah: Forgive me father, as my curiosity is great. I have been observing the 3rd Orb and these Humans for centuries at a distance, and I guess I wanted a little bit more excitement.

Derckha’nah: Lila’nah my child, although you are wise I tend to forget that you are still a young one, so I can understand your impatience. But you need to remember that our last transgression has cost a lot to the 3rd Orb and its people.

Lila’nah: But father, we could help them find their way back to us!!! They were so close to join us at the last cycle.

Derckha’nah: Lila’nah, the ancient knowledge taken from them, was just too great for them to handle. We had to remove it!! But do not despair, as it is still in them, so never really lost. If there’s anything we know to be true about The 3rd Orb, is that they will eventually unlock that knowledge What is more of a concern is how they will use it.

Lila’nah: Father, we didn’t just wipe out their memories, we forced their planetary system into rebirth and I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself or the Council of the Covenant for that! I just want to help them be great again!

Derckha’nah: But they are, my child, they are. And the burden of your guilt is shared amongst all the universes. The Rebirth was not a decision taken lightly, you know that. And you also know that the rulings of the Covenant are sacred. We cannot interfere with The Orb now, we need to let it be.

Lila’nah: But what if they fail Father?

Derckha’nah:  My dear Lila’nah, the observation of The Orb, has been assigned to you since “The Rebirth”. Now, tell me, what do you see when you look at their universe?

Lila’nah:  What I see?!

Well…they remain a peculiar species and their unification seems to be taking more time than the last.

They still choose leaders who deceive them.

Whether male or female, they are yet to see that they are one and the same. Some are even still being judged by the differing shades of their epidermis.

They treat love as a feeling to be contained that can only be awarded and tolerated by others between beings of the opposite sex.

And their ability to inflict pain, the building and acquisition of weapons to do so has been frighteningly one of their greatest achievements this last century.

Derckha’nah: Lila’nah, the picture you are painting me is a very bleak one. Isn’t there anything that make humanity worth saving?

Lila’nah: Yes, there is father.
They are indeed a very inquisitive race of people and are explorers of their world and its universe. I even suspect that they know about us deep down but are still yet to believe.

Their potential at creation is great and yet untapped.

Most of them can make incredible gestures of kindness and compassion. And when natural disasters hit they rally together for each other’s survival.

But their best quality is their ability to have hope and believe in a bright future that is yet to come.

It is the unknown that make them thrive.

Derckha’nah: Now, do you think that humanity is doomed?

Do you still think they need help?

Lila’nah: Father, I am simply frightened that they will be their undoing.

Derckha’nah: If there is anything you have told me about Humans Lila’nah, is that they are indeed resilient.

Lila’nah: Do you think they will make it without our help Father?

Derckha’nah: Well Lila’nah, you tell me!

Lilan’nah: I know Father, and I believe that the ruling of The Covenant is a wise one.

The 3rd Orb and its people, have to choose.

Derckha’nah: Yes my child and it is indeed their choice to make.


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