My tour stop on “The Shadow Queen” tour! Discover C.J. Redwine.



Hello everyone,

I would like to welcome C.J. Redwine author of the recently released “The Shadow Queen” to I was really interested in interviewing C.J. simply because I had heard of a previous writings however I am yet to read her so I felt this would be a nice opportunity to discover her as an author, where she tells us a little bit about her “Defiance” trilogy and introduce us to the world of “The Shadow Queen”.


Discover C.J!

1) For the reader who is just about to discover C.J Redwine, can you describe what “The Shadow Queen” is about in a few words?

It’s a dark epic fantasy inspired by the Snow White fairy tale in which a fugitive princess must destroy the most powerful sorceress her kingdom has ever known while evading the dragon shape-shifter prince who is magically bound to rip out her heart.

2) How different is the Shadow Queen world compared to the world of the Defiance series? And can you tell us a little bit about it too?

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Very different! The Shadow Queen is a straight up fantasy world—magic, dragons, ogres, sorceresses etc. The Defiance series is a post-apocalyptic fantasy, so it’s set a bit into the future after the apocalypse, and relies more on science than magic. Defiance is the story of Rachel Adams who commits treason against the brutal leader of her city-state so she can rescue her father from the Wasteland beyond their city’s walls only to discover a truth that will incite a war two decades in the making.

3) Did you always know you were going to become a writer when you were growing up or was there a particular trigger at one point in your life?

I’ve always been a writer. I didn’t start seriously pursuing publication until I was 30, but I’ve been writing stories since I was 8.

4) What is your favourite fairy tale?

A tie between The Girl With No Hands and The Seven Brothers.

5) What is your most favourite place on the planet and does it help you draw inspiration in your writing?

The beach! Preferably deserted and with a nice craggy cliff along the shoreline. (I should probably just move to Scotland.) I don’t know if I’ve drawn inspiration from that for any of my stories yet, but it’s there waiting for me.

6) Who was the most fun to write in “The Shadow Queen”, the evil queen or the princess? Or are there aspects from both you particularly enjoyed?

The queen was more fun at first because she came easily to me. It took me a lot longer to get into the princess’s head, but once I understood her, she became one of my favourites.

7) If you could have a magical power for 1 day, what would it be?

I’d stop time. Can you just imagine how much you could get done if you could pause time? Oh the naps I would take and the stories I would write!

8) For you, what is a perfect day?

Happy kids (I have 5), a productive day writing, and getting to spend time with my husband in the evening.

9) Tell us “10 things” we don’t know about C.J Redwine? (Most people go for 5 so that would be ok too)?

1. I’m afraid of bridges and drowning.
2. I’m also afraid of moths, and I find goats highly disturbing.
3. I’m a huge fangirl of Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Flash, Batman, Loki, Ironman, and iZombie.
4. I pull all-nighters to finish drafts or revisions on my stories. I don’t recommend them.
5. I once confused wasabi for guacamole and put an entire spoonful in my mouth. This is what death tastes like. Fiery, fiery death.
10) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

I’d be Hermione Granger because I’d get to live in the wizarding world, and I’d be smart enough to survive it.

Thank you C.J.


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