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Hello everyone and welcome to my tour stop!

Erica’s Elephant blog tour is well underway so don’t hesitate to visit the other stops! In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy my review!


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This is such a sweet story that can be summed up into one of its own quote actually:” The jam in the middle of the cake”!

It’s not easy for a 10 year old girl, to run a house, pay bills and look after herself while Uncle Jeff travels around the world on a bird watching mission. However, Erica does it all, because you see, she is a very practical girl.

Surely, an Elephant landing on her doorstep out of the blue will interrupt her routine, right?! However, in Erica’s world where school is currently not on offer, Elephant might just be a welcome distraction.

Ok, I’ll give you this, a 10 year old girl, living by herself and out of school is very unlikely, because you and I both know that social services would have been involved presto. But you see, this is not where the essence of this little gem lies. So when this little, girl who could not be more different from her Elephant friend was given lemons, she simply made lemonade.Erica's Elephant

The strongest message in this book is one of selflessness and it was conveyed in every single scene in the piece. We see Erica welcome, nurture, feed and protect Elephant who could only express his gratitude through a limited speech by saying “Tronk”, and when it was time to let him go she did,  and all this whilst never asking anything in return.

My review would not be complete if I omitted to mention the fabulous illustrator that is Ashley King. Those illustrations were a delight to look at from page to page. Only “popping up” from time to time like a little surprise. So detailed and yet so simple at the same time a really good companion for the story.

I do hope that this piece will make it to a lot of personal libraries.

I would happily recommend this lovely story to all readers, adults and young ones alike.



Thanking Team @scholasticuk for providing me with a copy of this title.


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