My Stop on the “And I Darken” feminist icons blog tour – Brienne of Tarth

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I happen to have quite a few feminist icons and I love that my list is an ever growing one. This is however making it all the more difficult to choose one. So, to stay in the spirit that is “And I Darken”’s Lada Dracul I have decided to talk about another warrior and fictional character who’s fighting fire is second to none, the one and only Brienne of Tarth of Game of Thrones.


I have only just recently met Brienne, as I am only in the middle of the 3rd series that is the fabulous Game of Thrones, so I am quite happy that we still have quite a long journey together ahead of us. This does not however mean that because it is early days that there is nothing to talk about, on the contrary.

Brienne happens to have two armours, the one that she wears to protect herself from weapon impacts, and the one that, against all odds, she has taken years to build, the one that has enabled her to prove herself to be as good if not better than any warriors around and earned her a place on a royal guard, her mind.

She does not need to be told by anyone that she is an equal to man, as she has decided that for herself and in that sense is in total contradiction with a tradition that would expect the one and only daughter of a Lord to fulfill her duty and marry well.

I admire her character for her strength, her focus on her mission, her sense of honour and also for her willingness to show her vulnerability. It is part of her, she understands it and does not fear it, something that her male counterparts would rather repress than accept, and here lies the advantage that she has above them all. She is truly fearless.


…Again…For me this is only season 3 and I am looking forward to savour those upcoming episodes with the magnificent portrayal of Brienne of Tarth by actress Gwendoline Christie, who brings her to life on the screen and make so many love this character.

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