My tour stop on Helen and Thomas Docherty’s “The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight”

Hello everyone, 

And welcome to my tour stop!

Today I have a review of this beautiful picture book which also convey an important message, and without further ado I present you with my review below.


The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight
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What is a mouse to do?!

When you’re a knight and your name bestows you with the courage and bravery of a lion…what is a mouse to do?

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Everyone meet Leo!! The knight who does not fight with a sword and somehow still wins battles.

Leo is only small but has a very powerful weapon, words! And this lovely tale follows him on his mission of peace.

Helen and Thomas Docherty form a formidable pair while delivering a message through a rhyming story and wonderfully colourful illustrations of magical creatures familiar to us from other tales.

Any child reading about Leo in this adventure, will understand that words and stories can solve issues better than swords can, and in this tale lies their introduction to diplomacy at an early age.

The adult in me however cannot help but look a little deeper and see Leo as an unlikely political envoy somehow finding common grounds with big and mighty antagonists who could not be more different from him but also from each other. This only emphasises one truth that we only all know too well:” We have far more in common than which divides us.”

This is a beautiful picture book that I am happy to recommend to both adult and young.



Thanking team @scholasticuk for providing me with a copy of this title.


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