Yection 3 of #MooneBoy blog tour!!!

Hello everyone,

This is a bit of a different post for me as this is more about colouring rather than words.

Welcome to the #MooneBoy tour where I introduce you to “Moone Boy” –  The Marvellous Activity Manual.



A year is a very long time when you’re an idiot. To cope with the curse of the calendar, Martin Moone has developed the habit of dividing the year into smaller sections, or ‘yections’.

To celebrate the publication of Moone Boy: The Marvellous Activity Manual Macmillan Children’s Books have divided the whole year into one marvelous week of ‘yections’ blogs to showcase just some of the brilliant activities that can be found inside this ultimate companion guide for Moone Boy fans for every yection all year round.

Today I am covering “Yection 3” since it is day 3 and out of all the activities in this chapter, I particularly enjoyed doing “It’s My Birthday” and here’s my “chef d’oeuvre”:


Not bad hey! :).

Find out more about the Moone Boy series at

@nickvmurphy @BigBoyler @MacmillanKidsUK 


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