Book Review: “Miss Wrong and Mr Right” by Robert Bryndza, with a New Cover

Hello all,

So I first read this little gem back in 2015. I still think about it very fondly actually.

I thought I would re-post this review to celebrate the new cover of the title, which if you ask me is rather fitting. Am I detecting 2 left feet in here? :).


Click for blurb!

Hello everyone!!

I just read my first humor novel!

Sometimes, life has a way of putting the right book in your hands at the right time.

I was having a particularly bad week while reading “Miss Wrong and Mr Right” so coming home to it every day for a week helped me get through a bit of a tough time. In addition, delving into the humour genre is helping widen my reading choices which is always a plus!

So, what can I tell you about Natalie Love the main protagonist of this novel?

misswrongDepending on the reader’s perspective you might just think that she is either incredibly wise or incredibly stupid. Yep! Natalie leaves the perfect guy at the alter and takes the biggest leap of faith, that life surely has better to offer than the very dull prospects in her home village.

Now off to London and 15 years on, Natalie has a boyfriend and a rather successful career in the world of theatre  but then she bumps into Jamie, the perfect guy she dumped at the alter…and now,  this is war!!!

Now, apart from the fact that I needed a good laugh, what else did I like about this book?

The characters are very real, even Anouska, Natalie’s Nan (my favourite) was written in to bring in wisdom, a very good dose of reality as well as an outrageous behaviour in some parts. She also has one of the best lines:

“Yes, Natalie. I am in London, at the Heathrow. Terrible place, no vonder it rhymes with death row…” 🙂

But most importantly, I suppose I really liked the idea of the recurring theme in this book, which is that sometimes and as scary as life is, you need to be able to make the right choices for yourself…Trust yourself first!

I will gladly recommend this read to everyone…especially when there is doom and gloom, it will brighten your day!



Thanking author Robert Bryndza kindly for providing me a copy of this novel


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  1. libbycole007 says:

    Sounds like an interesting book, love when characters can bring a few lessons into it!

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