My stop on the Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner tour

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Hello everyone,

And welcome to my stop on the Goodbye Days tour. 
There is no denying that this book will bring you face to face with any loss that you will have encountered in life, but it will also help you deal with it. 
I’d like to think that if I’d had the chance to have a Goodbye Day with my father, we would just simply hang out and listen to all his favourite records of French West Indian music he collected over the years. I can even remember the dusty smell of the old wooden record player we used to have, it was as big as your wooden chest, and anything else to play those records would not be authentic. And this would have been my Goodbye Day,
I invite you to think about a Goodbye day you would like have to share with a loved one and read and listen to Jeff Zentner’s choice of playlist.

Ryan Adams wrote this song after the death of his beloved grandmother. I love this song because it uses a simple and powerful metaphor to talk about how grief just levels us. It leaves us reeling, haunted by our own thoughts, driving aimlessly until we run out of gas, wishing we could pick up a phone and call the person we lost. It makes us long more than anything for the quiet and simple moments we shared. InGoodbye Days, my main character, Carver, talks about how he wishes he had inhabited every quiet moment with the ones he lost more fully, to mark himself more indelibly with their presence. That’s what this song is about for me.

Wrecking Ball by Ryan Adams



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