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Hello everyone,

Today I have the pleasure to kick off the tour for this epic sci-fi YA that is Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. I kind of feel a little bit bad only sharing this extract to whet your appetite as I am sure that by the end of it you will want to know more! It’s that’s the case…well I have a giveaway right at the end of that post. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.

Happy Reading!!


“So how do you lose your only friend? It’s an excellent question. I’m still searching for the answer. All I know is that the chain of events kicked off sixteen months ago. At the time, life was about as perfect as it will ever be. I should have known it wasn’t going to stay that way. I should have been prepping for disaster. The universe was worried that I’d go soft being happy. I needed trials and tribulations to keep me on my toes.

First my father accepted a job offer in Dubai. It was supposed to be temporary. “Only a couple of years,” my parents assured me. They seemed blissfully unaware that they were talking to someone for whom two years was the difference between Pokémon and pubic hair. I should have whipped out the Kishka at that point— and threatened to expose my mother’s crooked family tree. Then again, if I ever make a list of the shit I should have done, it would stretch all the way to Atlantic City…

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In the end, I was given two options, and staying in Brockenhurst wasn’t one of them. I could move to Dubai—or I could pack my bags for boarding school. My father’s illustrious alma mater in Massachusetts had accepted me for the spring semester. Which meant dear old Mom and Pop must have been plotting the move behind my back for quite some time. I would have been heart- broken if I’d ever trusted them in the first place.

I considered running away. I was pretty handy with a slingshot and pellet gun at that point. I figured, if nothing else, I could live in the woods. It was Kat who pointed out that I’d gone completely insane. There weren’t enough woods left to hide me. Besides, two years was nothing in the grand scheme of things, she said. And she said it with such conviction that I started to wonder if she could see the grand scheme from her bedroom window. At the end of our time apart, we’d both be out of high school, together and free. She swore we’d talk every day until then.

For the first six months we did. Then Kat’s mother, Linda, announced she was marrying a man named Wayne Gibson. He’d moved to town around the same time I left, and they’d bonded over bourbon at some local bar. Suddenly Kat was busy helping her mom make arrangements for the wedding. Our texts and video chats dwindled to a few a week. After the blessed nuptials took place, she sent me some pictures of the event. I didn’t say so at the time, but I thought her new stepdad looked like a real douchebag. He wore a military dress uniform with a bunch of fancy medals that he’d polished to a shine, and in every picture he stared straight at the camera, as if daring the photographer to take the photo off-center. But Linda in her frilly cupcake of a dress was beaming like she’d just been crowned prom queen. She’d always been so nice to me, though. I figured her happiness was all that mattered.

That was when Kat slowly began to vanish.”

Thanking team @Rocktheboatnews and @ninadouglas for inviting Chouett to take part in this wonderful tour!

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