My stop of the Ice Sea Pirates by Frida Nilsson tour – with a Review

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Siri and Miki are out picking snowberries when the unthinkable happens. Miki is kidnapped by Captain Whitehead’s pirates crew. It is said that any children taken by the Snow Raven is to be taken to work in the diamond mines never to be seen again. But what can Siri do being a small 10-year-old child faced with such an ordeal? Siri makes one choice that not many adults would and decide to go and rescue her sister, armed with the clothes she’s wearing and her unwavering faith that she will succeed in saving her, if only she could find her way onto Whitehead’s ship.


On her journey, providence will put helpers on Siri’s way, from a hot meal to shelter so she can keep going, even though the bad will come knocking at her door to keep her off course.


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Frida Nilsson writes a unique children’s story where the magical elements are subtle enough to not overtake Siri’s reality while she navigates her way through forced child labour and animal cruelty.


Sometimes one small act of courage can snowball into a much bigger one even when you are 10.


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