My stop on the ‘Slay on Tour’ by Kim Curran

Hello everyone,

We all have our own demons to deal with, although ‘Slay’ do it full time while touring in front of adoring fans…in the books at least. While we may not be as well equipped as the boybands, Kim Curran gives us some tip for slaying our own demons.


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Ten tips on Killing It!

1)      Surround yourself with friends who are as delighted by your successes as they are supporting of your failures.

2)      Take risks. Go on. If fear is the only thing holding you back, you should do it just to spite fear.

3)      Follow your curiosity. You’ll never regret where it will take you.

4)      Never be ashamed of the things that you love. They make you you.

5)      Resist growing up. Men aren’t expected to – why should girls be?

6)      Learn how to take pleasure from the success of others. It will sustain you where as the opposite will crush you.

7)      Be kind whenever you get a chance. And that includes being kind to yourself.

8)      Make lots of mistakes. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.

9)      Care less about what people think of you. Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter won’t mind.

10)  Don’t wear shoes you can’t run away from a demon in.


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