Book Review: “The Dragon In The Library” by Louie Stowell

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The magic of reading captured in a book!

Kit could have never imagined in a million years that she would not only have to one day save a library, save the world and become a wizard, and the youngest ever at that. So, it is no accident that on that one particular day, she ends up reluctantly going to the Library with her friends Josh and Alita who could not wait to get their hands on one of the most anticipated book in the latest of a popular series. Kit would rather deal with more adventurous pursuits, but still being sucked in a book was not an adventure she was expected.


Thank God that Faith who is not your typical librarian was there to rescue Kit from this ordeal. It was bad enough that Kit was sucked in a book so having to also deal with being a wizard when you did not think you were anything special all your life was quite a bit to take in. Sadly, there is not much time for Kit and her friends to adjust to this new situation as Mr Salt who now owns the library wants to bulldoze through it to build a brand spanking new and shiny shopping centre over it.

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There is not one child and maybe also a few adults who will not want to have their own Dogon after reading this book, but magical pets aside, this little gem is a testament to the magic that resides in every book and libraries and stresses how important it is that we keep them open and in our lives. And while I let you dwell on this, I can only recommend that you pick this book up to see how our little adventurers fare against Mr Salt, which I am sure you will enjoy reading alongside the accompanying illustrations from Davide Ortu which are just spot on! I for one, cannot wait to see them in a next adventure.

Thanking team @NosyCrowBooks for providing me with a copy of this title!






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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Love the image of a dragon in a book. Sticks with me.


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