My first (small) #WeekendCoffeeShare ever!!!

So, how are you all doing folks? If we were having coffee, I would tell you how nervous I am to write this post. But why, you might ask? Well, for one thing, I am way out of my comfort zone here and second, have I already mentioned it was my first?! :). You see…

Woop Woop! #YAtakeover for 24 hours!! Online Blogging Event

Hello everyone, It’s my pleasure to announce that I will be hosting with the @YAfictionados  team the “Everybody Say Love” chat on the #yatakeover online event this Saturday (9th) between 2.10pm to 2.55pm (UK time) to chat about LOVE in all its forms. Why such an odd timeslot? Well, the #YAtakeover tour is a 24hr worlrwide…

Pick The World – Vanuatu

This week on Pick The World “Vanuatu” I decided to put together a small collage of instruments I found particularly interesting: Music is in the air!! LaChouett

My Take on Pick The World – Tajikistan

Hello Folks, I have put together another one of my picture collage for my virtual tour to Tajikistan which hopefully capture the essence of this country. Enjoy! LaChouett

Pick The World – Cambodia

  Lately I found that while going to all those countries on a virtual voyage that the pictures I come across speak for themselves, so I decided to go with another picture collages from different sources found on the net: Beauty & Death       LaChouett      

Pick the World – The Seychelles

  So today I decided to make a picture collage of my virtual visit to the Seychelles, I even found a very cool owl: How was your visit?