Woop Woop! #YAtakeover for 24 hours!! Online Blogging Event

Hello everyone,


It’s my pleasure to announce that I will be hosting with the @YAfictionados  team the “Everybody Say Love” chat on the #yatakeover online event this Saturday (9th) between 2.10pm to 2.55pm (UK time) to chat about LOVE in all its forms.


Why such an odd timeslot?

Well, the #YAtakeover tour is a 24hr worlrwide event starting on Friday 8th at 7pm and here’s the schedule. There is lots to choose from, and there will be something for everyone. You will be welcomed by a fab team of bloggers, authors and professionals  who have been bitten by the love of words and the Young Adult genre in particular.

Hope to see you there.


For more info please feel free to contact the @YAfictionados team or visit the Yafictionados blog



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