Pick The World – Nicaragua: A little Poetry with Gioconda Belli

  I have always been an admirer of all talented with words and poetry has been an art I have been recently re-introduced to. Today my take on Pick The World – Nicaragua is a poem from reknown author and poet Gioconda Belli and translated by Charles Castadi. Enjoy   AT NIGHT, THE WIFE MAKES…

Pick The World – Cambodia

  Lately I found that while going to all those countries on a virtual voyage that the pictures I come across speak for themselves, so I decided to go with another picture collages from different sources found on the net: Beauty & Death       LaChouett      

Pick the World – The Seychelles

  So today I decided to make a picture collage of my virtual visit to the Seychelles, I even found a very cool owl: How was your visit?

Pick the World “Honduras”

  Hello All, I decided to make a small tour of Honduras and share a couple of pictures which piqued my interests Honduras has a mixed ancestry and would have birthed the Maya. One site I find incredible is the Pyramids in Copan      However, today, I would like to do something a little…

Pick the World USA: If I could…I would go there

  Hello Folks, Today will be about less writing and more showing. So I found a couple of spots in the USA that I would love to visit and they are not your usual spots that have a lot of spotlight in the media. Let’s start with this beautiful spot in Alaska: The Mendenhall Valley…