Pick the World USA: If I could…I would go there



Hello Folks,

Today will be about less writing and more showing.

So I found a couple of spots in the USA that I would love to visit and they are not your usual spots that have a lot of spotlight in the media.

Mendenhall Valley Glacier!

Let’s start with this beautiful spot in Alaska: The Mendenhall Valley in Juneau.
I am not one to like the cold but to see this and stand there, I would gladly freeze… just for a few seconds :).


Antelope CanyonNext, I would like you to come with me to Arizona in just take in this beautiful spot called: The Antelope Canyon. I would love to see those colours with my own eyes.

My next stop is in Colorado visiting the Garden of the Gods park to see the Balanced Rock. Do you think it is a trick?

balanced rock






My last stop is here! Problem is I don’t know where it is. Do you?

Phoenix maybe? Would love for you to help me find out.



Anyway, this would be a hell of a trip!!



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  1. Dom says:

    The balanced rock looks amazing! I like your destinations. I too am always looking for hidden gems.

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    1. I have to say, if there is one little thing I learned about this virtual little tour is that I know very little about the world around be. I think this is why I am so inquisitive 😊

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  2. Arizona has many lovely spots we live there a long time and I have many pictures . My blog today is on Idaho the link is not working. Use my blog

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    1. Wow. Amazing pics. Don’t worry I will link it for you


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