Book Review: “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell

This one also made it to my “2014 Top 10 list of Faves”


Ironically ‘Attachments’ is the first published novel by @rainbowrowell and for some reason I decided to read it after ‘Eleanor and Park’ and ‘Fangirl’ which are equally both literary chef d’oeuvres (in my books at least).

I tend to go for favorites and non favorites when reviewing but this time i have absolutely NO non favorites.

I loved the pre Y2K setting which took me back to that time of frenzy when we all thought the world was going to end…and it didn’t.
I loved the characters and how they seemed to cultivate relationships without ever seeing each other…This is so true at least for Beth and Jennifer.
Finally, I absolutely loved the idea of believing in love “before” sight: concept the story seems to be centered around, this was beautifully done.

After finishing reading, I can’t help but wonder what happens next. I would love to see how life went on for all the characters, even Chris and his guitar.
On the other hand, a sequel may spoil it.
For now, I will let the story sit with me as it is and cherish it for the little treasure it is.

…I am a sucker for romance.




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