My stop on the “Witch” by Finbar Hawkins blog tour

After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by witch-hunters, Evey vows to avenge her and track down the killers. Fury burns in her bright and strong. But she has promised her mother that she will keep Dill, her little sister, safe.
As the lust for blood and retribution rises to fever pitch, will Evey keep true to the bonds of sisterhood and to the magick that is her destiny?

My stop on the “Love On The Main Stage” by S.A. Domingo

Hi all, Today, I have a review of ‘Love On Main Stage’ by S.A Domingo. But before you read it I have a secret to share. I have never been to a music festival where camping and wellies are required. The closest I have been to is a street carnival and it is in that…

Book Review: ‘Rose, Interrupted’ by Patrice Lawrence

Out of the frying pan into the fire comes to mind! Meet Rose and Rudder. While one sibling has decided she will do anything to shed her Pilgrim skin, even if her methods are questionable and have far reaching consequences the other, too young to bear the guilt inflicted by his former community, is desperate…