Book Review: “Everything I never told you” by Celeste Ng

synopsis from goodreads_logo_140-b533b2204258ee95a93b7c7882d24080

I pretty much discovered Celeste Ng ( @pronounced_ing ) around the same time I discovered @rgay and was not surprised to learn that “Everything I never told you” was nominated as Amazon Book of the Year 2014.

I suspect this piece will make it to a lot of people’s reading list in 2015.

Here’s my review



This is NO happy ending however it is a journey through the life of a family going through the ordeal of losing a child and the events that led to this tragic end.

While reading, what kept going through my mind was how easily it would be to become James and Marilyn and live dreams through the children we are gifted with in life never ever getting to really know them.

James and Marilyn were completely oblivious to what was happening in their children’s lives, and totally ignored and starved Nath and Hannah of attention whilst putting a lot of pressure on Lydia who met a very unfortunate end.

I have to thank to author for letting us know what really happened to Lydia in her last moments, her revelation was bittersweet and her parents will never know.




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