Read 4 Review: “Damaged” by Becca Vincenza

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I remember that “Damaged” by @BeccaVincenza being quite a good read and the author kindly gifted me the second installment “Healed” which I am quite looking forward to reading as well.

For any fan of paranormal romance out there, Becca Vincenza is definitely an author to watch.

In the meantime, enjoy the review!!


I was gifted Damaged in exchange for an honest review and honest I will be.

Finally! A paranormal novel where vampires and werewolves are NOT at the center of the story…Move over Edward and Jacob!!
Come to think of it, the only vampire making a cameo appearance had a very brief and swift part to play.

The author opened up the mythical world to pretty much every single paranormal life forms you can think of which made room for a rather fantastic world which I look forward to reading more of in the next installments.

However, the focus was on Audrey, a paranormal being on the verge of extinction and Gabriel aka Stone, another very interesting paranormal being in his own right too…who has to question his allegiance and only clan he has known for most of his life.

I have one negative criticism still (which is not that many).
I did feel like the plot did take a long time to develop which maybe due to the need for the author to introduce so many characters at the beginning which ended up having their story line not developed…at least in this installment.

However once the plot thickened, a very good story unfolded.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the last few pages referring to the rather mysterious character of Elijah which I can see becoming a very intriguing leading character in the future.

I would strongly recommend this read to any paranormal novel lovers who have had enough of vampires.




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