Tiny Feature: Thoughts of a blogger “en herbe”


What I have learned in my first week of blogging

1/ The world of blogging is its own universe and is limitless

And I am probably stating the obvious here…but it was not obvious to me.

How did I reach this conclusion?

Well, I decided to launch a blog, posting the reviews of all the books I have been reading and will be reading in the near future…and then I realised!!: “I can blog about a lot more than that!!!!” – still sticking to my love of reading of course before venturing out in unknown territories.

Why not putting my thoughts down about my reading journey or about my first-hand experience as a new blogger or how I am going to be the queen of the universe one day…

Ok…That is may be pushing it a little but I am sure you get the gist.


2/ There is a lot of blogging talent there is out there

This one may be a little daunting.

Since I do not think myself as particularly talented writer I can choose to either be intimidated by it and put my blogger pencil down right away, or swim into the abundance of the bloggerverse and be enriched by the experience.

The potential to learn about others and their experience is so great that I could I not go through that door?


3/ It is exciting and scary at the same time.

Exciting because it is all new and scary because at this early stage I don’t really know what I am doing.


4/ It’s good therapy

It is a wonderful outlet to put your thoughts down especially if something has been clouding your mind and you need others perspective and experience to help you with your thoughts/issues/problems.


5/ It is very addictive

From what I have experienced in the last few days I have already noticed that the more I blog the less I read (books that is) and always find a reason to go and check my blog.

I am just going to have to find the right blog/read balance I guess


6/ You’re not alone

And that one is really reassuring


Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015



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  1. They say that there is no new topic, only new ways of telling them. Okay there are lots of (talented) bloggers out there but they are not you. They don’t have your experiences, your point of view, your thoughts. And those queens/kings of the world bloggers are all once newbies too. They all started as nobodys.


    1. Thank you! Appreciate so much the gesture. It’s nice to be noticed.

      Liked by 1 person

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