Holy Ground

I came across this short story and liked it

Song Title Stories

I walked across the barren wasteland, holding onto the sheath by my side so it didn’t bounce against my leg and disturb the silence. My footfalls were echoless, my breathing non-existent. When I walked I felt no exhaustion, only emptiness. I looked at the ground as I walked, and muttered silent prayers to my brethren who had fallen centuries ago. I wasn’t the only one to walk the Endless Moors, there were others but they were reticent. I knelt on one knee and removed my helmet, my hair fell across my face, and I wept silent tears above the Silent City. There was no movement below. No hands emerged from the earth to hold me, as I silently disturbed their slumber. I would never sleep again. I was cursed to roam this decayed earth until I died, even though my heart had stopped beating long ago. I felt myself transported…

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