Book Review: “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd

Synopsis from   goodreads_logo_140-b533b2204258ee95a93b7c7882d24080

Before I picked this book, I remembered thinking…Ok, I have been reading some fun things, some things that were down right dirty and way too many Young Adult novels in a too short period of time. This is great if you want reading to be really relaxing, however this time I fancied reading something that would really engage my brain cells. And this is how I picked “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd…and I guess that the fact that Oprah was promoting it did not hurt 🙂


I loved the first 50% of this book, probably because it was centered around the friendship of the 2 main characters of Hetty and Sarah.

The remaining 50% I liked less, probably because of the separation that they had to go through.

I did learned a great deal however about the abolitionist movement, and how the fight for freedom was affecting black people and white people alike, as well as the additional layer touched upon here, where the fight for women rights started budding too.

It just makes you think about all those simple freedoms that we enjoy now, that we would not have had without women like Sarah and Angelina Grimke.




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