LaChouett Feature: My favourite books in 2014


Hello all,

I have decided to put up my list of favourite reads looking back on 2014 which is when I started this reading journey.

Let me tell you first that I am not a professional critique, that I have absolutely no qualifications in creative writing and that I really do not pay too much attention to publishing years when I pick my reads. I usually read what takes up my fancy. These books are just the ones I really liked.

I have written reviews on each of them so you just need to click on the picture to view.

These books do not have anything particularly in common apart from great story telling, however I have a reason for liking every single one of them and they are:

hidden ones 2rosieprojectpicthelightbetweenoceanspicorphantrainpic faultinourstarspicthehelppic

The Hidden Ones: I absolutely loved how the author explored ancient history and the Arabic folklore.

The Rosie Project: Although a work of fiction, it made me more aware of people affected by autism and the Aspergers syndrome and the novel was hilarious.

The Light Between Oceans: I was angry the entire time I was reading this book. I have never been this emotionally engaged in a read.

Orphan Train: I knew nothing about this part of history, so I learned a great deal and I loved the interactions between the characters: The younger generation meeting the older one.

Fault in Our Stars: I cried…a lot

The Help: Again, not a part of American history I was familiar with. This was an eye opener and this story needed to be told.


The Bone Season: Absolutely fantastic novel exploring the world of clairvoyance. I do not think I have come across anything like it.

Guilt Trip: My mystery novel of 2014. This book blew my mind.

Til the well runs dry: I loved this story because I felt I was there, I could walk the land, eat the food and smell the different fragrances.

Attachments: This is the best love story I read in a long while.

The Ugly Princess: This was an absolutely brilliant never been told before fairy tale and I loved it.

And that is it…




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  1. nmadore says:

    Thank you for including my series Virginie! I’m so excited to be on your list!!!


    1. Thank you Nancy for being part of my reading journey!!


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  2. Ooh, a couple of books here that I have been meaning to read, just exploring your more detailed reviews now. Love recommendations!

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    1. Bonjour Adele,
      You are welcome to follow me if you like.
      I tend to post a book review every other day and I have to say that getting books from unknown authors has been great. It’s like discovering a secret island.
      I like your blog by the way.

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    2. Thank you.

      There’s so much to explore with literature, I love finding hidden gems! Are you signed up for any sites with your blog? I recommend “BookLook Bloggers” 🙂

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    3. thanks for the tip. I love Goodreads. It is how my journey started. I will definitely check out BookLook Bloggers though.

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    4. Thank you so much, really appreciate you thinking of me and my blog for that award, I just received another nomination for it this week. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that I can’t still answer your questions though, they’re great ones! Thanks again ❤ 🙂

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    5. Wow! 2 nominations! We’re going to have to get you your very own Oscars! Please feel free to answer my questions if they are not duplicates 😊

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    6. I know, right? 🙂 People are being way too generous there but I won’t complain!!

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