LaChouett Blogging 101: Say Hello to Your Neighbours



Today at Blogging Uni Day 3, we have been assigned with “browsing” and discovering other blogs by following five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

As I am pretty much a newbie, I took on looking at other blogs pretty much on day one and it is amazing how rich the blogging universe is.

So what I will do today as an extension of this third assignment is tell you about the 5 new topics and 5 new blogs I have seen since being on the course that I have stuck with me than I now follow:

1) : I liked Clare story and would like to see how she gets to “make lemonade”.

2) : I just really like Herb and his attitude to life.

3) : I read books but I don’t read poetry. Browsing through this blog will be a nice way to expand my horizon.

4) I really like this blog because it is about pure undiluted happiness and I absolutely love the smiley pic!! I will definitely go there to get my happy fix!!

5) :Losing Screws is about a craft and DIY and let’s face it, I totally suck at it. I also like that Roni introduced me the the word “Blogercise” and we are now BFFs on Goodreads, so there you are :).


So these are the 5 new topics and new blogs that I decided to follow amongst others and the ones that I guess had an impact on me since I started Blogging Uni.

What were yours?






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  1. Hi! I found this task a bit demanding, but I did manage to come up with 5 in the end, which you’ll find on my blog. Nice to meet you!

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  2. I hasten to add, I haven’t actually typed up the post yet, but it will be there sometime today! 🙂


  3. Hi Neighbour,

    I see you like reading too. Between reading the assignments and doing the assignments for BLOGGING UNIVERSITY— plus chatting with the neighbours, I’m going to have to hire a cleaning lady and chef! 🙂

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    1. I feel the same way…Although I do not want to hand up in blogging rehab so the cleaning and the cooking breaks might be a good idea 🙂


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