Book Review: “The Book of Unknown Americans” by Cristina Henriquez

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What a great read!

This piece has definitely made it to my list of nominees for my “Best Read in 2015”!!! But since we’re talking about the end of the year there’s plenty of time for that so back to the book!!



Could you tell what the book was about by simply looking at the cover? Well, I could not.

So I turned the first page and read the first word which was the name “Alma” and then the first two sentences…And in those two sentences was the essence of the piece. This was a book about a community of people just like you and me who want to live their lives.

Alma and Arturo Rivera’s arrival to the United States resulted from an accident involving their daughter who was left with an injury that would require a special education school to assist in her recovery, a facility unavailable at home in Mexico.

My favourite part of this tale lies in the discrepancy of behaviours displayed towards Maribel, Mr and Mrs Rivera’s daughter, as to her recovery and the best way to go about it.

Understandably and also led by a deep guilt, Alma Rivera will be seen as overly protective and will keep Maribel very close. It will be a struggle for her to let Maribel spend time with her only friend, Mayor Toro the son of Rafael and Celia Toro, Mr and Mrs Rivera’s neighbours.

Mayor Toro, a teenage boy undeniably smitten with Maribel will be the only one to understand the key to her recovery, as he alone treats her without looking at an injured person and from then a lovely relationship blossoms.

We are also introduced to other characters such as Benny Quinto “The priest”, Adolfo Angelino “The Boxer”, Quisqueya Solis and Nelia Zafon amongst others who all come with their own story and make “The Book of Unknown Americans” a very rich tale.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and would recommend it to all who fancy reading something a little different. Don’t let 2015 finish without reading it!!!




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  1. Sounds extremely interesting. Engaging.

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    1. I have been trying to write reviews without repeating the plot, which can be quite difficult.

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    2. we would probably spill the beans so we understand!

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  2. Sounds extremely interesting. Engaging.How did you get the gallery of the books you read. We read so much and would like to display some of them. TY!


    1. I am a member of Goodreads where I joined a few bookclubs. Once you sign up you are able to display the covers, I simply downloaded the pictures. I used them to make the photo gallery widget as well.

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    2. Thank you. It looks amazing!

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  3. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster. Here are the instructions if you’d like to accept. If not, no worries.
    Take care.

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