LaChouett Blogging 101: Be inspired by your neighbours


Hello folks!

Who would have thought that so soon after attempting to widen my blogging horizon writing my first post based on yesterday’s Daily Prompt that you can read here, that I would be thrown into another similar task right away?!! I guess there is no rest for the wicked!!

“Today on Blogging 101”, I will expand on a comment I made on one of my fellow bloggers’ site!! However it won’t be on yesterday’s post, which I still encourage for all of you to visit since the sites mentioned are definitely worth it and you can check them out here also.

Amongst all the other blogs I visited yesterday and commented on, this one is the one I choose today

Why? Those 3 little words: feminist cultural theory!! Those words piqued my interest while reading the original post.

First of all, let me tell you that my first language is not English, and English was quite a task to learn in itself so coming across a “feminist cultural theory” is pretty scary. So what did I do? I looked it up!! Anyway, I am not going to get into what it is here, it is just a personal interest of mine worth exploring at a later date; however it is the reason why I was inspired to write this post.

Lately, readwomenpicI noticed most of my visits in the blogosphere have taken me to a lot of sites promoting women writers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still read male authors work, but I guess I have found myself to be a supporter of the Read Women movement, so when I come across a site with this premise, obviously I am going to blog about it and share.

And that’s me for today.

Happy blogging people!!



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  1. Elle Knowles says:

    Thanks for the link. Checking that out!


  2. I have enjoyed my visit s with my followers and feel everyone is my friend. The books I read are mostly by woman authors. I do read a few written by men.

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