LaChouett Blogging101: Be a good neighbour


So today’s task is about engaging with 4 bloggers that we have not visited before.

I have to say that I came across quite a few interesting blogs that I would love to share with you all.

I absolutely loved the first one since the author came up with the fantastic idea of #reblogwednesday !! and you can read about it more here

Needless to say that I am definitely taking part in #reblogwednesday!! I am even doing it right now!!!

My second pingback is for a lady who takes amazing pictures. I think my pictures taking pales in comparison to her evident talent and you can also view her pictures here:

The third site I came across had me at the word “brownie” and I feel like I could do with a couple of those right about now:

And the last pingback goes to this travel diary

Feel free to go and visit those as well as mine , I could always do with some feedback!!

Hope to all visit you soon!




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  1. What a fun array of blogs! I entered WordPress just seeking to write with a narrow focus and reach out to others who share my passion for dogs and birds. Posts such as yours are reinforcing the fact that I need to branch out some. Best to you!


    1. I know exactly what you mean!! I started my blog for book reviews and then one day I came across a photo blog so I decided to participate in the Friday photo challenge…just another way to explore creativity I guess.

      Who knows you might just come across a site a discover a new passion!

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  2. Hello! Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it neighbour!!


  3. Loretta says:

    I fully agree with branching out and stepping up one’s creativity. My blog started out with Travel, Gardening and Food. It seems the latter just took off, so taking the Blogging 101 course, has led me to other interesting and varied blogs as well.

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  4. Anna says:

    trying to join this good neighbour assignment, here I am, thanks for the list of blogs you visited, I think I´ll stay around some of them too!
    All this visiting new sites is a hugh task, so many great places and so much talent, fun and inspiration… wow… again, thanks for you list of recommendations!

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    1. I try and visit a couple a day, so that it is not too big of a task.


  5. I need to take the time to this. I had a new visitor to my blog today and I left a comment on her blog. Thanks for the likes and comments.

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