Book Review: “Where the Rainbows Ends (Love, Rosie)” by Cecilia Ahern

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I read “Where the Rainbows end” over the summer holiday. It was probably the best time to read it actually, a nice entertaining romantic story.


This novel also titled Love, Rosie is my first read by Cecelia Ahern.

It was also my first time choosing a book by its cover which I hardly ever do, so this book was like a nice little surprise from the first to the last page.

I laughed throughout the entire book, and if I have to vote for my favourite scene (apart from the ending) it would have to be the Greg and the two”body builders” incident. It was absolutely hilarious.

I really enjoyed how the author made the storyline relatable by including pretty dramatic everyday life elements and still balancing the romantic side of things.

Very charming ending, with the parent learning from the child…eventually.

Anyone enjoying romance novels on a roller coaster will enjoy this.
I definitely recommend this book.





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  1. The cover helps me to decide about a book. If I like the cover I am more appt to read it. Some just invite to open the book and read.


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