LaChouett Blogging101: Pleased to meet you!


So, lately I have been trying my hand at Daily Prompts, just to have a little bit of fun and see what I could come up with.

If you see my latest response to a Daily Prompt (and you can have a quick look here if you want), it has not been exactly novel size right! I guess I have not been looking at them as a tool to write a text of a significant size but rather a quick response to what is stirred in me at the time…you know a quick spontaneous reply. Well, it looks like this is going to have to change at least for today’s task.

frenchmaidminionSo, when I see “Pleased to meet you!” as a daily prompt, I can tell you one thing, it takes me back a good 15 years in the past to when I first arrived in the UK when my English was more French than English. Why?

Well, this is probably the only 4 words I could align in a sentence without too much difficulty and was ok to repeat several times an hour without getting a headache.
Compared to learning other phrases and words, this one was a piece of cake!!


Trust me when I tell you that learning English had its frustrating moments at times. Imagine being in the middle of a conversation interchanging:
Teeth with tits!
Nibble with nipple!
Peanuts with penis! Yeah, yeah, everyone is having a good laugh at your expense and definitely pleased to meet you I guess!



Eventually, I realised I was making real progress with my learning though, when I found myself laughing as the same time as everyone else at the end of a joke. Yes! I finally got it…no more 3 seconds delays with me laughing by myself 🙂 !!.

In the end, these little frustrations were totally worth it. Languages open doors and horizons!




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  1. Hargun Wahi says:

    nice anecdote @lachoutte….learning a new language really does open doors to building so many new relations and learning new stuff..happy blogging 🙂


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