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In line with today’s assignment I decided to do something a little different today, that is, ask a question not with words but with an image. So, here it is!!












I would love for you guys to reply back also with an image however I do not think it is possible, so just show me with a word or a link and I will check it out!



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  1. Elle Knowles says:

    Well I could show you with a link to a kindle and I can’t remember the title of what I am reading right now. You know on my kindle I have to click back to the cover image to see the cover and it’s a process and time consuming. I’d also have to get up and go find my kindle. I’m being lazy today. That is the one thing I don’t like about e-books. Real books are so much easier – except for the weight! ~Elle

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    1. Lol, come on girl, get up and get me that title!

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    2. Elle Knowles says:

      It’s something about orphans. I know that much! 😉

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    3. Elle Knowles says:

      Now you made me get up and go look. 😉 The Last Orphans – N W Harris. So far kinda grusome but i want to know what happens!

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    4. See, all worth it! Try Orphan Train next 😀


    5. Elle Knowles says:

      I may have already read that. Give me a brief summary.


    6. Ok, young lady steals a book. She does community service by helping an older lady tidy up things she doesn’t need. This lady was on the Orphan Train and tells her story. Beautiful story! Also part of American pretty recent history I was not aware of.


    7. Elle Knowles says:

      Do you every lose track of what you have read? My mind is a blank. I’ll look it up and get bavk to you.

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    8. Actually, I tend to remember most titles. The author’s name can be an issue though 🙂

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  2. Hargun Wahi says:

    these days I’m just reading either my neighbor’s posts or my textbooks 😛

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  3. theblogwoman says:

    Reading blogs….here. Now. ^^ look up there

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    1. Is it the last of the trilogy or the first one? I am yet to read a Ken Follett. I Started ‘The Pillars of the Earth a while back but for some reason I cannot remember I did not carry on with it.


    2. This is the first of the century trilogy. My goal us to read all three this year, with a bunch of others in between. Lots of social and political issues are explored.

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    3. Ok, let’s make a deal then. I will pick up Pillar of the Earth and you keep me posted on the Trilogy…I might pick it up too 🙂


    4. Deal. I read Pillars years ago.

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    5. Lori, your site looks great with the Capoverso theme!


    6. Thanks! I think I’ve finally found a look I can live with. It just feels right.

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  4. naomifrisby says:

    Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay for Uni stuff.
    Manazuru by Hiromi Kawakami for pleasure/January in Japan

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    1. I have read Roxame Gay’s The Untamed State but not Bad Feminist yet. I really need to look up Hiromi Kawakami though


    2. naomifrisby says:

      I thought An Untamed State was incredible but I have mixed feelings about Bad Feminist. Hiromi Kawakami’s Strange Weather in Tokyo is brilliant; not far enough into this one to give a verdict yet, if Strange Weather is typical of her writing, she tends to do something special towards the end.


    3. Now I’m intrigued…I think I will try at least one of her pieces.


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